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> 'Track Attack #1' has been cancelled. Get in touch for a refund if you've paid for a spot.

> There will be more Collie Invasions throughout the year, and some events at Barbagallo also.
You should come to some of these events. Yes.

There's still no official word on when the RACDC will be reopening for 'Tuning Sessions.'
I'll post any updates right here.

> Something that anyone doing any sort of Motorsport in Australia needs to know is the eligibility of helmets for events.
Standards have been reviewed making some helmets no longer acceptable for competition use in Australian Motorsport.
Click HERE to read more.

See you at the track!

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Collie Invasion #6
@Collie Motorplex
26th March 2017
Track Attack #1
@Collie Motorplex
Another event
Coming soon!
Another event
Coming soon!